Spiritual Discourses This Week at Vedanta Study Circle

16 May 2018 (All day) to 19 May 2018 (All day)
Conference Suite 1120, Duderstadt Center, 2281 Bonisteel Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Details of two discourses on Vedanta by monks happening this week are as follows. Swami Ishatmananda would be speaking on a classic Vedantic text, Vivekachudamani and Swami Sarvottamananda would be speaking on the Mandukya Upanishad and Karika. This Wednesday: Discourse on Vivekchudamani (The Crest Jewel of Discrimination) by Rev. Swami Ishatmananda (Head, Vivekananda Vedanta Society of Chicago)