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Water storage can be done in several ways. You can employ artificial irrigation by digging the soil or you can fill your tub with empty containers during heavy rains or install water tanks. The first option is disadvantageous especially in the areas prone to landslides. The second option will not cost much but the water can't be used for drinking purpose. These water storage tanks come in different sizes and are priced accordingly.

Water storage tanks helps in water conservation. Installation of water storage tank will will reduce your dependency on the mains of water supply. The best thing is that those install water storage tank can save 50% of the household water. By installation of storage water tanks you can save a lot on the monthly water bills. Next , your daily work will not come to halt because of the shortage of water supply. So, the water storage tanks provide the most economical and eco-friendly way of water conservation. Lastly, you can store more enough water for all the household works. This means that even if there is restriction imposed by the mains water supply, still you can have enough water for your jobs, such as watering lawns and gardens or car washing.

There are various types of materials available in the market. If you pick the wrong material, then you can have water contamination. But it's necessary to choose the right type of water storage tank.

Concrete water tank: The mostly old-fashioned type of water storage tank is the concrete water tank. This is completely made of concrete which is the primary material that's used in building houses and establishments. This is fire resistant , chemical resistant, durable and is used in rural communities and farms. The concrete tank is popular for decades and is the safest and effective type of water storage tanks.

Steel storage tank: Another famous type of water is the steel storage tank. It's made from steel and is heavy and durable. The only problem to this type of material is that it's prone to rusting. A good solution is to apply non-toxic coatings so that there will not be any instances of rusting. Another problem is the inflexibility of the material when the climate changes because of the air pressure. It can result in tank explosion.

Plastic storage tank: The last type of tank is plastic water reservoir. It's the cheapest tank among the storage tanks, and is lightweight, flexible, and safer. But it's vulnerable to heat. With the rise of the temperature, it becomes prone to melting and the plastic liquid can be mixed easily with the water contained inside.
HAVANA , April 29 (Xinhua) -- In a bid to build bridges through music, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will celebrate International Jazz Day on April 30 with a global concert that will stream live from the host city of Havana, Cuba.
The day celebrates "the international art form of jazz and its power to promote dialogue among cultures, to make the most of diversity, to deepen respect for human rights and all forms of expression ," said UNESCO's director general, Irina Bokova, who traveled to Havana to promote this year's event.
"For us jazz is not only a beautiful genre, it is more of an intercultural dialogue, music for human dignity, human rights and modern times ," Bokova told reporters at a press conference.
Cuba's capital was chosen to host the 6th edition of the celebration in part because of its many great musicians and Latin jazz heritage, said Bokova, who was accompanied by jazz greats Chucho Valdes and Herbie Hancock.
"Havana is a natural city of music and cultural heritage, and we also chose to celebrate it here because Cuba this year marks the 70th anniversary of establishing relations with UNESCO," she added.
Jazz has become a universal language the world really needs due to today's many social and economic conflicts, she said.
UNESCO has partnered once again with the U.S.-based Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz , as well as with the Cuban Ministry of Culture, in organizing the event.
In the past three decades, the ties of cooperation between UNESCO and Cuba have grown "deep roots," said the UN official.
"Our regional office for all of Latin America and the Caribbean is in Cuba and this nation has a commitment to developing cultural diversity, protecting and conserving cultural heritage ... and the celebration of this day here is a proof of our strong ties," she said.
"Our elder and younger jazz musicians are living in a good era (for jazz) and the opportunity to celebrate International Jazz Day in Cuba is a really good accomplishment ," Valdes said.
Valdes, along with Hancock, a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, will serve as artistic directors of what is being touted as an All-Star Global Concert at Havana's Alicia Alonso Grand Theater.
Hancock said it would be an honor to once again host International Jazz Day, especially in a "musical" country like Cuba, where there is "amazing talent."
"International Jazz Day has such significance because it points out the fact that music does not just belong to Americans or Cubans , this is a music that belongs to everyone all over the planet because it really reflects something much deeper than any particular culture," he said.
"This year's focus on Cuba is a testament to the power of jazz as we bring women and men together around shared values and aspirations," he added.
The concert will feature jazz talent from around the world, including Ambrose Akinmusire from the United States, Marc Antoine from France, Till Bronner from Germany , China's A Bu, Igor Butman from Russia, Ivan Lins from Brazil and others.
Apart from Valdes, Cuban musicians Bobby Carcasses, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Cesar Lopez , Ruy Lopez-Nussa, Orlando Valle and others will join their international counterparts.
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