The Warriors, victory cannot hide embarrassment

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The Warriors, victory cannot hide embarrassment

The team are playing very hard, the team are in urgent need of this victory! 106-104, after three years in the first three straight after the return of home warriors finally got the victory in the hands of 76ers. Unfortunately, the current state of the team, the game is won, behind the victory is hidden two can not face up to the embarrassment. The lack of Durant, the record advantage has been lost the warriors, the whole team itself, the existence of fatal flaws!
Familiar with the Warriors fans are clear, whether it is in the Warriors to win the championship 14-15 season, or they get 73 wins in the 15-16 season, compared to other league teams, the most intuitive "basketball effect advantage" Lies in their horrible offensive efficiency. Popular said that the past two years, the Warriors in the offensive end to show the efficiency advantage is quite horrible, they are not only the league's actual attack the strongest firepower team, more importantly, they are the best offensive league continuity, the key moment to grasp one of the largest teams. Even before Durant was injured, the Warriors once played the offensive and defensive efficiency are the first in the league, and with obvious advantages ahead of the main competitors trend.
More intriguing is that the Warriors this season, the highest efficiency attack and defense, the continuation of the best three sets of lineup, Durant's name are impressively in the column. From this point of view, there is no Durant warrior, completely lost their proud of the offensive end of the continuity. Everyone knows that before the victory over 76ers, the past seven games the Warriors lost five games, but few people really noticed that in these five games, the Warriors are at different times there was a clear offensive power outage phenomenon, Attack the success rate is low, tactical arrangement of the monotonous simply crazy fans. For the current warriors, the offensive end of the lost has become the norm, must attract more attention, you know, the field of their opponents but the lack of Embiid and Simmons 76ers. In other words, even in the face of the residual array of 76ers, but they are relying on the fourth quarter of the oppressive defense to win the other two points only.
In the words of a famous commentator, the current warriors are facing the biggest embarrassing situation of the season, they even in the fourth quarter out of the finals in the face of the Cavaliers may appear when the defensive momentum, as the mad dog to bite Every place.
The problem is that if we can to a more open point of view to see the concept Bryan Bickell Charcoal NHL Jersey of Durant in the Warriors, we will find that "Durant sharp" this keyword is really not just ridicule it. In fact, both Pachulia and West, their own frame capacity has been greatly weakened, which means that in more game time, the Warriors rely on "Green+Durant" this pair Mobility super striker in the completion of the task of the frame. More and more games have proved that even in the single game is not high intensity of the regular season, it is only an expedient, so that everyone knows the weaknesses of the Warriors in the paint, they are worrying state Become an indisputable fact.
The loss of Durant not only means that the Warriors have lost their offensive weapon, a really critical Paul Kariya Avalanche Jersey game of choice, but also means that they will reorganize and correct their originals in the deadline of the future regular season Of the defensive arrangement. All of these have proved that after losing Durant, regardless of attack or defense, the Warriors team is caught in the unbearable confusion, many people seem to have not played.